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Welcome Wylie and Rockwall Teams!

Plano Youth Soccer is pleased to welcome 19 teams from Wylie Youth Soccer and 3 teams from Rockwall, joining us for the spring 2014 season.  The teams will boost our U12B league by 7 teams, U12G by 10 teams, U14B by 2 teams, and U14G and U19B by 1 team each.


PYSA has long been a host for out-of-town teams from Allen, Frisco, McKinney and other cities in the U16 and u19 leagues, making those league among the strongest in North Texas.  Our engagement with Wylie includes playing some games at Founders Park in Wylie.  The park is approximately 22 miles and 28 minutes from Carpenter Park.  Our goal was to avoid weeknight games between Plano and Wylie teams.  While we fell a bit short of that target, the impact to most teams has been minimized.  We continue to look for ways to make this endeavor as painless as possible.


Having more teams in our leagues allows for the division of age groups along skill level lines.  Being able to have teams play other teams of like skill level is a key goal for the PYSA recreational league.  This approach gives teams and players the best opportunity to develop and grow their skills at their own pace.  It also gives every team an opportunity to have competitive success, which makes the soccer experience much more enjoyable. 


Adding teams, promotion and relegation between the fall and spring seasons, and encouraging our best teams to “play up” when their skill-levels are above their age-group peers are all ways that PYSA looks to manage that “competitive balance” in order to bring teams of like skill levels together. 


The PYSA Recreational Coaches’ Panel advised us throughout this process.  The group is an ad hoc panel of PYSA rec coaches brought together to discuss key issues facing PYSA.  They were instrumental in our decision to move forward with bringing Wylie and Rockwall teams into PYSA.


PYSA is always looking for opportunities to improve your soccer experience.  We understand there are tradeoffs with this particular effort related to travel, but we believe that the net benefit for our teams and players outweighs a few extra minutes of drive time a few times a season.   


Please join me in welcoming our new friends from Wylie and Rockwall!  Thank you for your patience as we work through the growing pains of working together to benefit us all.


Richard McMakin

PYSA VP of Recreational Soccer