Various soccer camps operate across North Texas. 



Every summer PYSA partners with Challenger Sports to sponsor the British Challenger Soccer Camp in Plano.


Summer 2013

July 15-19, 2013

Carpenter Park




British Soccer AM Schedule:


First Kicks:

Wed: 8am – 9.30am

Thurs: 8am – 9.30am

Fri: 8am – 9.30am

Sat: 8am – 9.30am


Mini Soccer:

Wed: 8am – 10am

Thurs: 8am – 10am

Fri: 8am – 10am

Sat: 8am – 9.30am


Half Day:

Wed: 8am – 12noon

Thurs: 8am – 12noon

Fri: 8am – 12noon

Sat: 8am – 11am


British Soccer PM Schedule:


Mini Soccer:

Wed: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Thurs: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Fri: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Sat: 8am – 9.30am



Half Day:

Wed: 5pm – 9pm

Thurs: 5pm – 9pm

Fri: 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Sat: 8am – 11am



Goal Keepers – Same as Half Day PM




·         We will add more staff for the Saturday morning session to cope with larger                   numbers in the Saturday morning session.  

·         Our refund policy states that we will “make up” the time. We cannot issue                       refunds for individual days or the week for bad weather.

·         If you do not receive an email in the mornings, please assume that camp is on.           If in doubt please text me on 734-883-4509. In the text please state which camp           you are enquiring about. I am running 6 camps this week so as you can                         imagine I am inundated with calls and emails and we over 300 people trying to            call in the time window of 1 hour, it’s tough to get to every call. If you could text                and state which camp I can respond much quicker.

·        The weather looks good for the rest of the week, if you do not receive and email,           that means that camp is ON.  



Communication for rain outs

In the event of a rain out again this week, you will be notified by email on the field status. If there is any more rain this week, I will send the email out 45 mins prior to the camp start time. Please stay tuned to your email throughout the week as if we rained out again we will perhaps have to change the schedule again to compensate for the time lost due to inclement weather.


To get a quick response to questions, please email me at


Former Dallas Tornado, Bobby Moffat, ran the Bobby Moffat Soccer Camps in the area for over 40 years.  Some of your PYSA personnel attended his camps way back in the stone ages!  These camps are now known as UK Elite Soccer Camps.


Summer 2013.  June 17-21, July 8-12, Aug 12-16. Old Shepard Park



Challenger Soccer Camp


UK Elite Soccer Camps




































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