Recreational Committee

Vice-President of Recreational League


Recreational Boys' Commissioner


Recreational Girls' Commissioner


Recreational Referee Assignor


Vice-President of Coaches


Recreational Coaches' Committee Reps


Ask a Referee

Richard McMakin


John Fuoss


Rick Beyer


John O'Kane


Sonja Woodard


Pat Robinson


Referee Committee



Recreational League Directors


Boys             Girls  
U4 Pat Robinson     U4     Pat Robinson

Kathy Kane

  U5 Kathy Kane

Rich Carlisi


Rich Carlisi

U7 Bryan Haworth   U7 Bryan Haworth
U8 Rick Beyer   U8 Bryan Haworth

Todd Thomasson

  U9 Corey Costello
U10 Todd Thomasson   U10 Corey Costello
U12 Mike Clark   U12 Mohamad Zibari

Steve Ferguson

  U14 Mike Herrera
U16 Richard McMakin   U16

Tom Barden


John Fuoss

  U19 John Fuoss


PYSA Office Staff


Senior Manager


Recreational Manager


Administrative Assistant


Gina White


Kathy Kane


Janice Williams

972.422.7972 ext 306


972.422.7972 ext 305


972.422.7972 ext 302


Plano Youth Soccer Association

221 West Parker Road, Suite 480

Plano, Texas 75023


Phone: 972.422.7972

Fax: 972.516.2216


League Directors 


PYSA Board & Office Staff


Competitive Committee


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