Law 5 & 7 Team Officials & Medical Breaks

Law 5 - The Referee 

  • Referee cannot change a restart decision after play has restarted but, in certain circumstances, may issue a YC/RC for a previous incident. 
  •  If the referee leaves the field for a VAR review or to call players back to the field at the end of a half, a decision can still be changed. 
  • Team officials guilty of misconduct can be shown a YC/RC; if an offender cannot be identified, the senior coach in the technical area receives the YC/RC.  (see explanation below)
  •  If a penalty kick is awarded, the team’s penalty taker can receive assessment or treatment and then stay on the field and take the kick. 

Law 12 Fouls & Misconduct: Team Officials



  •  The experiment with YC/RC for misconduct by team officials has been successful and has revealed many benefits at all levels, including for young referees dealing with ‘difficult’ adult coaches. If the offender cannot be identified, the senior team official (usually the main coach) in the technical area will receive the YC/RC (as the person responsible for the other team officials). 

Law 7 Medical Breaks:


  • Difference between ‘cooling’ breaks (90 secs – 3 mins) and ‘drinks’ breaks (max 1 min) 


  • In the interests of player safety, competition rules may allow, in certain weather conditions (e.g. high humidity and temperatures), ‘cooling’ breaks (from ninety seconds to three minutes) to allow the body’s temperature to fall; they are different from ‘drinks’ breaks (maximum one minute) which are for rehydration.